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The story

Once upon a time, a farmer purchased a piece of land that held an old, forgotten cemetery. Seeing no use for the crumbling gravestones, he removed them and planted crops. For the first few years, the farmer enjoyed remarkably successful harvests, attributing his prosperity to the fertile soil, blissfully unaware of the dark secrets buried beneath.

As he continued to till the land, strange occurrences began to unfold. Initially, they were subtle – whispers on the wind, fleeting shadows at dusk. The farmer dismissed these as figments of his imagination, blaming exhaustion from long days in the field.

By the third year, the whispers grew louder, and the shadows more persistent. The crops, once vibrant, started to mutate. Pumpkins grew unnaturally large, with twisted, menacing grins etched into their surfaces. The vines seemed to pulse with a life of their own, wrapping around anything in their path with an eerie determination.

One night, as the full moon cast an ethereal glow over the fields, the farmer ventured out to investigate a strange noise. He found the pumpkins and crops moving, as if possessed by a malevolent force. The ground beneath him shifted, and skeletal hands began to claw their way to the surface.


The spirits of the disturbed graves were awakening, seeking revenge for their desecrated resting place. Panicked, the farmer tried to flee, but the vines ensnared him, pulling him towards the very heart of the cursed land. As he struggled, he realized the whispers were now clear voices, accusing him of his disrespect and greed. The once fruitful land had become a nightmarish prison, feeding on the souls of those who dared to disturb it.

Desperate, he sought to find the source of the evil. In the heart of the field, he discovered an old well, long forgotten and covered in dark, gnarly vines. Standing guard was the Cursed Well Keeper, a ghostly figure cloaked in dark robes, holding a lantern that glowed with an eerie light.



The Well Keeper warned the farmer to turn back, telling tales of the vengeful spirits and the curse that lay within the well. Ignoring the warning, the farmer approached the well. As he peered into its depths, the ground erupted, and a monstrous figure emerged – the Pumpkin Reaper, its eyes glowing with an unholy light. The farmer realized this was the source of the evil, the manifestation of the land's curse. He swung his spade with all his might, determined to destroy the abomination.

But the creature was powerful, fueled by the anger of countless souls. The farmer's efforts were in vain as the monstrous Pumpkin Reaper overpowered him. The vines tightened their grip, pulling him closer to the creature. With a final, desperate scream, the farmer was absorbed into the monstrosity, his soul becoming another victim of the cursed land.

The Pumpkin Reaper let out a triumphant roar, its power growing with each soul it consumed. The cursed field lay still, shrouded in a menacing silence. The whispers on the wind grew louder, echoing the farmer's torment and the countless others trapped within the land.

As you walk through "The Blood Harvest" haunted house, you will hear the haunting whispers and see the twisted remains of the once-thriving fields. The fate of the farmer remains a chilling mystery, a reminder that the land's curse is far from over. The spirits of the disturbed graves continue to roam, and the evil that sprouted from the desecrated earth still hungers for more souls.

Are you brave enough to face the horrors that await? Who will be the next victim of the Blood Harvest?


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Potential Roles for Actors

The Farmer: Worn-out overalls, a flannel shirt, and a weathered hat. Seen in various states of fear and desperation.

The Pumpkin Reaper: Large pumpkin mask with glowing eyes, skeletal body, and dark, gnarly vines wrapped around.

The Cursed Scarecrow: Tattered, straw-stuffed clothing resembling a traditional scarecrow, but with a dark and eerie twist. Long, claw-like fingers, tattered hat (Jen)

Ghostly Spirits: Tattered, white or gray clothing with ghostly makeup and glowing eyes.

Mutated Farmers: Torn farmer outfits with vines and plant growths emerging from their bodies.

Gravediggers: Dark, tattered clothing with shovels and dirt-streaked faces.

Living Vines: Camouflaged in vine-like costumes, blending into the environment.

The Cursed Well Keeper: Dark robes, ghostly makeup, and a lantern. Seen guarding the cursed well, warning guests of its dangers.

Haunted Farmhouse Inhabitants: Period-appropriate clothing, ghostly makeup, and props like old farming tools.

The Whispers: Actors who move unseen, creating the illusion of disembodied whispers and ghostly voices.

The Lost Souls: Previous victims of the Pumpkin Reaper, wandering aimlessly.

Room Ideas

1. The Desecrated Cemetery:

The first room introduces the story. Guests enter an old, overgrown cemetery with broken and toppled headstones. Fog rolls in, and the atmosphere is eerie and silent.


Tombstones with flickering candles.Animatronic skeletons emerging from the ground.Whispering voices and ghostly figures projected on the walls.A sign explaining the farmer's initial decision to remove the gravestones.


2. The Haunted Farmhouse:

Guests walk through the farmer’s old, decrepit farmhouse. The walls are lined with old, dusty pictures and farming tools.



Animatronic shadows and creaking floorboards.An old radio playing static with occasional ghostly voices.A kitchen scene with rotting food and animated rats.The farmer’s journal detailing the first signs of trouble.


3. The Mutated Crops:

This room showcases the once-thriving crops that have turned malevolent. Giant, twisted plants and oversized pumpkins dominate the space.



Animatronic plants that move and grab at guests.Glowing pumpkins with sinister faces.Fog machines and dim, green lighting.Sounds of rustling leaves and hissing.


4. The Vine Maze:

Guests navigate through a dark, narrow maze made of tangled, gnarly vines. The path is disorienting and claustrophobic.



Moving vines powered by hidden servos.Occasional bursts of fog and sudden, loud noises.Hidden speakers playing whispers and eerie music.Glowing eyes peering from the darkness.


5. The Cursed Well:

In the center of the room is an old well, believed to be the source of the evil. The well bubbles with dark, ominous liquid.




Animatronic hands reaching out from the well.Glowing, bubbling liquid using LED lights and a fog machine.Spooky, echoing sounds coming from the well.A projection of ghostly faces in the liquid.


6. The Evil Pumpkin’s Lair:


This room is the heart of the haunted house, where the monstrous pumpkin skeleton resides. The atmosphere is filled with dread and darkness.



A large, animatronic pumpkin skeleton with glowing eyes and sharp teeth.Vines that wrap around the room and pulse with life.Dim, red lighting and fog effects.The farmer's cries for help echoing through the room.


7. The Haunted Field:


The final room takes guests through the haunted field, where they see the aftermath of the cursed land. The field is filled with tombstones, twisted crops, and restless spirits.


Features:Animatronic ghosts and skeletons wandering the field.Tombstones with the names of previous visitors (interactive element).Creepy, ambient music and distant screams.A sense of unease and unresolved terror, leaving guests wondering if they’ll be the next victims.


Transition Hallways:


 dim lighting, eerie sounds, and quick scares.

Actors: Strategically located to jump out and scare guests or to act out scenes from the story.


Interactive Elements: Allow guests to trigger scares or interact with parts of the environment, such as pulling levers or opening doors to reveal surprises????

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